Want to make an app?

For my Fundamental Digital Online Media class we had to design an app that goes along with our blog theme. So, going along with the idea of activism I designed an app that helps people network with each other by putting your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn profile on a virtual map by your location relative to your place of business, home or just city. When on the app you can connect with other people that you know or meet and add them to your network map. Then whenever you travel to another city to work on activism you can log into this app and view your network map to see who is in that city that you have connected with before. I believe that this concept can be used in other areas, outside of activism, as well. To go along with my concept I designed a few mock designs on proto.io of what two screens from the app will look like.

 Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 1.06.11 AMScreen Shot 2014-02-23 at 11.47.30 PM

The Ideas and Concepts in this post are my own and I claim rights to them, they should not be copied or claimed by another individual or party. – Darrien Skinner 🙂


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