Month: April 2014

My Blogging Experience

This semester for my Fundamentals of Digital Online Media class at Texas State University with Jon Zmikly, I had to create this blog. I initially was concerned with how I would manage a blog on top of everything else that I do. However, I absolutely love my blog and creating it has been a really great experience. In the past I have heard about blogging as a successful way to market yourself and publicize your life but I h
ad never experienced it. Before this blog I had no interest in blogs and never looked at them. Now I see how successful a blog can be at gathering a following and connecting you to your audience. I plan to use what I learned in this class about blogging in my future for everything that I do online. I plan to work in youth advocacy and on online media campaigns, Screen Shot 2014-02-17 at 3.06.27 PMI believe that I will use blogging a lot in the future to organize and lead activism initiatives. I currently work for the Texas School Safety Center on their state-wide tobacco prevention initiative, SAY WHAT!, I manage their social media accounts and I plan to incorporate blogging in some way soon. I think that blogging will be more popular amongst young people in the near future as educators utilize blogs for class projects.


Bloopers of My Life

So this post is going to be a little bit out of the usual. I have been making videos recently for different projects and I decided to make a bloopers video out of some of the best moments I have had recently on camera. This is proof that activism can be fun! I hope you enjoy this as much as I do. 🙂 I believe that whenever anyone is making a video, for anything, they should make a bloopers real to show the behind the scenes of what is really happening between those “serious” shots. Videography can be fun and very time consuming so these awesome moments are the ones that keep people filming themselves and they deserve to be shared!


Screen Shot 2014-04-28 at 12.03.38 PMFrom March 21 to March 23 I had the opportunity to go to Nevada to work with the youth of their state initiative at their state conference. I attended this conference with Ritney Castine from the Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids; we were invited to participate at the conference as guest presenters. We taught the youth at the conference how to be leaders in their schools and communities and how to get their peers engaged in tobacco prevention. I really enjoyed how this conference was set up because during the day there were activities and presentations then in the afternoon and evening we all went to the park and the movies. *We watched Divergent, It was a really great movie and I would recommend it.*

I worked with the youth on social media engagement and I showed them how to create social media campaigns. I was really surprised to learn that most of Nevada does not have access to the internet so the youth there are not very engaged online. This was an obstacle for me as I planned my presentation. So, I improvised by showing them how to use what they could and I worked with their sponsors to set up blogs that their youth can write up posts for and then have their sponsors post for them. I, afterlighthonestly, assumed that everyone had access to the internet and that all young people were on social media. When I found out that most of Nevada’s youth do not even have access to the internet I was very surprised and it made me realize a lo of things about my plans for the future and how I plan on working in social change work.
Overall, I had a really great experience at this conference and I am very thankful that I had the opportunity to work with theseamazing young leaders. Nevada is a very beautiful state and I look forward to my next chance to visit. When I left they gave me a shirt that everyone had signed and a cup with a picture of the whole group. I really love doing this work and I am excited to see where it will take me in the future