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2015 – Change is Coming to Texas Universities!

Hey! Darrien here,
2014 was an amazing year for tobacco prevention and activism in general, but I am excited about 2015! Spring of last year, I started working with the University of Texas School of Public Health on a new state-wide college tobacco prevention initiative. This new project is the first state level tobacco prevention college initiative in the world! I was honored to have a position at the table and help plan/implement such an amazing program. In the fall, I officially had a role in the development of the initiative as the lead of peer recruitment and social media manager. However, during campus recruitment and the beginning phases I did not have to work much on student recruitment and the social media campaign was still in development.10873498_308112779383446_7328780226241035513_o

2015 is when the real change will happen!
The college tobacco prevention initiative will launch this week in Austin, Texas at the first College Initiative Summit. Over 20 college campus’ will be represented by administrators and students from all across the state of Texas with one common goal, reduce the amount of tobacco use by Texas college students. This new initiative will formally be named- “Peers Against Tobacco.” When the whole initiative is launched we will start posting on all social media channels. Since, you’re awesome and you have read this post up to this point you can follow the social media accounts for Peers Against Tobacco before anyone else! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Peers-Against-Tobacco https://twitter.com/PeersAgainstTob http://instagram.com/peersagainsttobacco.
The momentum that we have already seen with this initiative has been amazing! There have been a lot of dedicated individuals working on different components of the project to bring it all together. Peers Against Tobacco will change the norms of tobacco use on college campuses in Texas, it will promote prevention/education and cessation, it will connect students to their universities, it will help students make policy change on their campus’ and it will keep current high school advocates in tobacco prevention engaged when they enter college.
This initiative has been a dream of mine since I graduated high school and moved to San Marcos, Texas, to attend Texas State University. My freshman year I tried to start a tobacco prevention group on campus but I had no idea where to start. Now students will have Peers Against Tobacco as a resource to guide them through implementing tobacco prevention on their campus. I look forward to meeting new people throughout 2015 and working with them to prevent tobacco use among college students in Texas.

If you are a college student at a Texas college and interested in joining this movement then shoot me an email! skinner28d@gmail.com

Got to go! I have a flight to a youth conference in Indiana to catch!

Lets make change happen in 2015!